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About me

Hi, I’m Lana, and I created The Nomad Planet to inspire you to explore the world and yourself. Whether that is from a comfy sofa at home or actually boarding a plane (train, bus, ricksha or any other mode of transport),  you will find some inspiration here. I’ve started my adventure in 2011 when I left my legal career in the criminal law (and my whole life as I knew it) and bought a one way ticket to Thailand. After spending 5 years as a nomad exploring Southeast Asia, India, Nepal, Indonesia, South America, East Africa, Cook Islands and many other places I can honestly say I am a completely different person.

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Current project


How it all started

This is a 15 minute video about the first year and a half of my travels through Southeast Asia. Srđan Kirtić, a very creative designer and photographer, was the main driving force behind making as much footage as possible from the very beginning of our travels and for that I am eternally grateful to him. If it wasn’t for him I would never have as many beautiful memories of the most significant and exciting part of my life (so far). Though I see now that there are many things we didn’t do well technically, this video still presents a source of inspiration for me and awakens that same adventurous spirit that gave me the courage 7 years ago to dive into a completely new life.