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Boračko lake, Herzegovina

Boračko Lake – an oasis of fresh air and beautiful nature

An emerald gem of Herzegovina

Boračko Glacier Lake is an emerald gem nested between three beautiful mountains: Mt. Prenj, Mt. Bjelašnica and Mt. Visočica at an altitude of 405 m.a.s.l. It is a natural lake surrounded by dense coniferous and deciduous forest which makes it an oasis of fresh air and stunning landscape.

Meditating at Boracko lake, Herzegovina
Morning meditation before Bosnian coffee

The landscape becomes even more prominent in autumn when the colors become vibrant and crowds unlikely. This is definitely my favorite time of year to be here, to enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere, peace and tranquility of this charming little spot.

Boracko lake view in autumn
Boračko lake view in autumn

Scenic mountain road

I suggest you make Boračko lake a part of a greater route from Sarajevo to Mostar by taking the scenic mountain road over Bjelašnica and Visočica mountains. That is the most beautiful mountain road in the whole country and it connects Herzegovina and Bosnia. It is also a part of the Via Dinarica White Trail and you could hike or bike this road if you are fit enough. All the info you could possibly need on how to hike this area you can find on the very detailed Via Dinarica website. Otherwise you will need a car because there is no public transport to take you this route.

Pužim, Bjelašnica Highlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pužim, Bjelašnica Highlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina

What you get to experience

While enjoying truly awe-inspiring mountain views you could make a few spectacular stops on the way to experience the fascinating cultural and natural heritage of this country. Check out the highest and most remote village of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Lukomir, where old traditions still live. Have some home made food, stack up on organic mountain honey and explore the dragon legends of Umoljani village. Either spend the night in one of these villages or continue along the stunning canyon of Rakitnica river for some of the most spectacular views in Europe. Head down to Neretva river for an adrenaline adventure of white water rafting and stay and chill for a while in Boračko lake. You could do all of this in 2 days, but if you have some time to spare take it a bit more leisurely. The road will take you to the town of Konjic next where you shouldn’t miss Tito’s Nuclear bunker and Nikšić traditional woodcarving shop and then either return to Sarajevo or continue to Mostar and the rest of Herzegovina.

Secret swimming spot in Rakitnica Canyon
Secret swimming spot in Rakitnica Canyon
Some yoga on the suspension bridge over Neretva river

Stay and chill

If you have some time to spare this oasis of fresh air and clean water invites you to stay and chill for a few days. Just breathe the air and enjoy beautiful nature, swim, canoe, fish, BBQ or hike. There is a small fee to pay to enter the lake area and there are campsites, natural beaches and walking paths all around the lake.

Chill out at Boracko lake
Chill out at Boračko lake

Eco Village

There is an eco village, couple of bed and breakfasts and private homes that offer rooms around the lake. EkoSelo (Eco Village) camp has its own access to the beach and places to rest in the shade. They offer camping, bungalows and various activities incl. rafting on Neretva as well as a nice bar and restaurant. They have large and mini football field, volleyball courts on grass and sand, table tennis, climbing ropes, darts, billiards, kayaking and biking.

EkoSelo Boracko lake
EkoSelo camp
Cozy bungalows for two at Boračko lake
Cozy bungalows for two at Boračko lake

Make an excursion

If you have some extra time I would recommend making a trip some 15 min away by car to the village of Glavatičevo for an excellent and cozy homemade food restaurant. You could also check out the suspension bridge over Neretva in the vicinity.

EkoSelo biker's favorite
Quite a number of bikers love this place

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