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Bregava, Stolac, BiH

Bregava – emerald waters of Stolac

Favorite summer spot

Deep emerald green of Bregava River leaves no one indifferent. I could spend days just looking at the way the colors change under the moving sun throughout the day. 35 km of Bregava River runs through Herzegovina until it joins Neretva River as its left tributary. It is a favorite summer spot of those who are lucky enough to live around. I found out about it from an insider, a friend of mine who lives around and knows all the best spots. I badly needed a break and a long weekend in Herzegovina was just what the doctor ordered.


On its way to Neretva River, Bregava passes Stolac, a quaint little town in Herzegovina with rich and ancient history and beautiful cultural heritage. I was there last year and loved it, but this time I was just in the mood to cool off at the river and chill at the beach. We all agreed it was that kind of day. Since I was staying in Blagaj with friends this was a convenient day trip for us.

Good for the body, good for the soul

The river is crystal clear and drinkable and the surrounding nature is stunning. My camera loved the rich colors all around. It is pleasurable for the eyes, the soul and the body. The water is cold, but the way my body feels afterwards is priceless. It not only feels good, but is extremely beneficial for your health. It is one of the best ways to boost your immune system. Don’t believe me ask Wim Hof aka The Iceman, famous dutch guy who holds 26 official Guinness World Records, including climbing the Mount Everest in his shorts and staying submerged in an ice bath for 112 minutes. Seriously, check him out.

Beach bar to come

The area is kind of wild, but crowd free and there are several small beaches to put your towel down and find some shade. The beach we found lies a couple of hundred meters upriver from the Old Mill restaurant on the road from Stolac to Ljubinje. Here we met Aid, a local who just leased this part of the beach, cleaned it and is setting up a beach bar. Though we came too soon and the bar wasn’t ready yet we had a table, some chairs, good music and good company. In short we were equipped for a perfect day. We spent time hanging out, swimming and making endless photographs in the hope of capturing the impossible colors of this place.

Old Mill restaurant

It is worth driving here even from Sarajevo (2,5 hr), but if you are around Mostar make sure you don’t miss spending a couple of hours here. Bring towels, sunscreen and swimwear and you are good to go. On the way back home we stopped in the Old Mill restaurant for some good food and another perfect ambiance. I discovered this beautiful place last year when a friend of mine took me here after sightseeing Stolac. With restaurant’s terrace being surrounded by numerous waterfalls and endless green it is not only a perfect view, but you can dip yourself in the water as well. Great food, stunning ambiance and great service. A perfect end to a perfect day :).

Old Mill Restaurant
Old Mills Restaurant, Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
View from the Old Mill restaurant

Google maps: Old Mill bit.ly/3eHzNRY