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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Hercegovina, a country of beautiful and bountiful nature and a vibrant culture unique in its East meets West flavor.

Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stolac – stone town rich in history and charm

Experience the beautiful and historically rich town of Stolac with its unique Ottoman and Mediterranean heritage, emerald Bregava River and a mysterious and technologically advanced culture who built megalithic structures thousands of years ago.

Clock Tower, Počitelj, BiH

Picturesque stone town of Počitelj

Built on the slopes of the hill above the powerful Neretva River, just 30 km south of Mostar lies the medieval stone town of Počitelj. It is a perfect day trip from Mostar or Sarajevo or, a stop on your way to the coast.

Neretva Rafting, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Neretva River Rafting

If you are wondering where to cool off this summer in Bosnia and Herzegovina don't miss the full day adventure of white water rafting on Neretva River.

Bregava, Stolac, BiH

Bregava – emerald waters of Stolac

Deep emerald green of Bregava River leaves no one indifferent. On its way to Neretva it passes Stolac and is a favorite summer spot of those who are lucky enough to live around.

Bjelasnica road, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Take the most scenic road in BiH

Probably the most scenic road in all of BiH would be the mountain road meandering the breathtaking landscapes of Bjelašnica and Visočica Mountains and connecting continental Bosnia with Mediterranean Herzegovina. You can drive all the way from Sarajevo to Konjic through some truly...

Via Dinarica – every hiker’s dream

Find out why is Via Dinarica, a long-distance mega-trail which connects the Dinaric Alps of the Western Balkans, an adventure you should experience and how.

Lalovic B&B, Bosnia&Herzegovina

Jelašca Village – a Bosnian Hobbiton

In one of the most remote areas of the Via Dinarica White Trail in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at over 1, 000 m.a.s.l. lies a Hobbiton-like, tiny village of Jelašca - a starting point for a great adventure.

Maglic peak, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Radovan – last of the mountain people

Spend the night in a mountain hut below the highest peak of Bosnia in Sutjeska NP and experience the cultural heritage through one of its last mountain people.

Sarajevo at night

Sarajevo – where oriental charm meets great spirit

Sarajevo, the capital and cultural center of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been on the crossroads of East and West for centuries. The biggest and most important city of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans.

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