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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Hercegovina, a country of beautiful and bountiful nature and a vibrant culture unique in its East meets West flavor.

Maglic peak, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Radovan – last of the mountain people

Spend the night in a mountain hut below the highest peak of Bosnia in Sutjeska NP and experience the cultural heritage through one of its last mountain people.

Sarajevo at night

Sarajevo – where oriental charm meets great spirit

Sarajevo, the capital and cultural center of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been on the crossroads of East and West for centuries. The biggest and most important city of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans.

Sutjeska NP; Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sutjeska NP – home to one of the last primeval forests in Europe

Does experiencing true wilderness in the heart of Europe sound good to you? How about wandering through acres of pristine primeval forest with bears and wolves crossing your path? If the answer is yes, you shouldn’t miss Sutjeska National Park.

Hajducke Vrleti, Blidinje NP

Hajdučke vrleti – in outlaw’s den

In the middle of the vast Blidinje Nature Park there is an Outlaw's Republic. It's headquarters is in a place called Hajducke vrleti - restaurant and motel with traditional Herzegovinian food and an unusual story.

Blidinje NP

Rich cultural heritage of Blidinje NP

Blidinje Nature Park is as rich in its cultural heritage as it is in its natural heritage. Rich archeological finds and a huge number of stećci (medieval tombstones) tell us of its long and rich history

Blidinje lake, Herzegovina

Blidinje Nature Park

Blidinje Nature Park, an incredibly rich and biodiverse park lying at the heart of Dinaric Alps in the northern part of Herzegovina

Dva ribara restaurant, Konjic

Restaurant Dva Ribara – cozy and homemade

A restaurant that serves great homemade food in a cozy environment. Located at the starting point for white water rafting and just 30 min from Konjic.

Young shepherdess with sheep

Umoljani – where things are still organic and home made

The village of Umoljani in Bosnia and Herzegovina has collectively decided to follow the principles of organic agriculture. There are now a handful of restaurants and B&B accommodations in the village. Many of the villagers see their future in eco - tourism...

Umoljani village Bosnia

Umoljani – Village of a Mythic Dragon

Umoljani is another interesting and attractive highland village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's lush surroundings, breathtaking hikes, mysterious medieval tombstones and dragon legends invite travelers from around the globe to experience its magic.