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A peek inside the village of Lukomir

Semi nomadic tribes of Dinaric Alps

In the village of Lukomir people still live a simple and hard working life of their ancestors, the life of semi nomadic tribes of Dinaric Alps – mainly herding sheep, gathering medicinal plants and working the land. The area is considered high in biodiversity and due to their isolation and limited access to healthcare the villagers know the medicinal plants of the area well.

Closeup of a shepherd on the Bjelasnica mountain
Shepherds life

Descendants of shepherds from Herzegovina

Inhabitants of this village are descendants of shepherds from Herzegovina who used to bring their flocks of sheep in search of water and rich pastures of surrounding mountains during summer months. Lukomir was first mentioned as a summer village at the beginning of the 20th century, but by the 1950 two families of shepherds (Čomor and Masleša) settled here permanently.

Traditionally built houses in Lukomir village

National monument

Traditional architecture has been largely preserved and Lukomir is considered an important architectural, cultural and historical legacy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also protected as a national monument. The houses here are built from stone, the roofs are covered in oak and beech shingles and windows are small.

Room in one of the village houses
The best potatoes I ever tried are prepared on the floor by my lovely host Rahima

Simplicity and practicality

Interior of the house is simple and practical – just the essentials and a few memories. The house construction reflects the harsh mountainous environment. The village has all the infrastructure it needs – electricity, water, sewage and the telephone.

Rahima’s husband Vejsil inside their house in Lukomir

Everyone leaves in winter

However, in the recent years this picturesque village is empty during wintertime. In the last decade or so most young people moved to the cities looking for a better life. The school which had 50 students before the war (1992. – 1995.) does not work anymore and the remaining residents move to the cities with the first snow.

Ljetna bašta is a nice place to rest and have some home made food

Top rural tourism destination

The future of Lukomir now lies in its touristic potential. It is certainly a top rural tourism destination. Eco tourism became popular here in the recent years and there is a restaurant that offers home made and home grown food.

Bean stew – there is something to eat even for vegetarians and vegans

What to eat?

Everything is prepared from fresh ingredients and on the spot. Traditional pie (called pita) stuffed with spinach, cheese or meat, lamb and fritter with sour cream (uštipci s kajmakom) are best sellers. Something can be found even for vegetarians and vegans though don’t expect a variety of choice.

Hand carving wooden spoons as a way to supplement their low retirement income

Support the locals

If you would like to support the hard working villagers and their way of life consider buying hand carved wooden spoons, woolen socks or some of the products made with locally picked medicinal herbs.

Hand made products made and sold by the villagers
Magic of spending the night in Lukomir village

Spend the night

Last, but not least consider spending the night here to experience the full magic of this authentic place.

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