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Dva ribara restaurant, Konjic

Restaurant Dva Ribara – cozy and homemade

Starting point for the white water rafting

Few kilometers from Boračko lake and some 30 km from the town of Konjic lies a tiny village of Glavatičevo. These days it is mainly famous for white water rafting on the divine river of Neretva (Nera – Etva: Divine River) and as a place for some good homemade food. 

Homemade food at Dva ribara
Homemade food at Dva ribara
Inside Dva Ribara
Having some Bosnian coffee with my two handsome friends 🙂
Mirsada & Memso, owners of Dva ribara restaurant
Mirsada & Memso, owners of Dva ribara

Mirsada & Memso – Two fishermen

If you take the road from Boračko lake towards Visočica mountain – on the left side of the road you will see a cozy little place surrounded by a lush flowery garden. It certainly attracted my attention right away. As my instincts are rarely wrong when it comes to food (or a good experience) I suggested to my friends that we make a lunch break here. Dva ribara (literally: Two fishermen) restaurant strangely doesn’t serve fish, but everything else they serve is fresh, home made and quite good. The owners, Mirsada and Memso are two lovely, hardworking people who put their heart and soul into this place.

Inside Dva ribara restaurant, Glavatićevo
Inside Dva ribara
Inside Dva ribara
Interior at Dva ribara
So many lovingly placed details make me feel cozy and at home

Every detail tells a story

While my friends are waiting for our food on the beautiful terrace, I go inside to have a look around and talk to Mirsada. She is more than happy to chat with me while she is preparing our food in the tiny kitchen. Everywhere I look I see so many details carefully and lovingly placed as a decoration. Each little thing has it’s story Mirsada tells me with pride.

Inside Dva ribara
Perfect place for a book and some Earl Grey tea

Cozy and home like

If I would describe this whole place in one word it would be cozy. It has such a home like, cozy feeling that all I want to do is wrap myself in a blanket, make some Earl Grey tea and read a good book.

Every detail tells a story
Every detail tells a story
Flowers at the entrance

It all started with the first pie

Mirsada and Memso decided to turn their parent’s shop into a restaurant in 2004. Since the white water rafting on Neretva – one of the main tourist attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina starts here – with its development, the need for good, homemade food appeared. One day Mirsada got a call from a friend who organizes rafting and who asked her to make her famous pie for his guests. ‘And that’ – Mirsada says, ‘is how it all started 16 years ago. I love my work and I can’t imagine my life any different now’. She makes everything from fresh ingredients and on the spot. Besides making mean beens, everyone’s favorite – the most popular dish is pie.  

Famous pie at Dva ribara
Pie is the best seller – no surprise there 🙂
Delicious food at Dva ribara
Delicious food – don’t miss the home made bread

Fishing and rafting – two main attractions

Except for a few cold months in the wintertime they work non stop from 07 – 19h every day all year round. Boračko lake opens on March 1, the fishing season starts April 1 and this is when they open their restaurant. Fishing and rafting are the two main attractions in this area and most of their guests are returning every year.

Many people come back here every year

Bowl of good food and a cup of love

If you are around I would warmly recommend coming to this place for a a bowl of good food and a cup of love. They are generous with both.

How to get there?

Dva ribara, R436, Glavatičevo;
Take the road from Boračko lake (or Konjic) towards Bjelašnica and Visočica mountains and you will spot it on the left side of the winding road after some 4 to 5 km

When to go?

March – November, 07 – 19h every day

What to eat?

Beans and all kinds of pie are best sellers. Homemade bread is simply delicious.


Phone: +387 61 387 428

Google maps: Boračko Lake