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Village of Lukomir, a Must-See Place in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Highest and most remote settlement in BiH

Visiting Lukomir, the highest and most remote settlement in Bosnia and Herzegovina should be on your priority list when visiting this country. Traditional architecture and a way of life that remained almost unchanged in the last 500 years or more will make you feel like you time traveled and it will give you a completely different impression of this tiny balkan country. 

Sunrise over the macadam road leading up to Lukomir
Dugo polje – on the way to Lukomir village

Most beautiful mountain road

Picturesque drive through Dugo polje on the way to Lukomir is one of the most beautiful mountain roads in BiH and is a worthy experience in itself. During wintertime it is not possible to reach it by car and roads are often blocked until late spring. This comes as no surprise as this small village is nested on the south slopes of Bjelašnica mountain 1469 meters above sea level.

Lukomir (literally translated as an oasis of peace) is located at the edge of Rakitnica Canyon the second deepest canyon in Europe (after Tara Canyon). Legends say it used to be the home of a terrible dragon.

Sunrise over Visočica mountain shot from the hill above Lukomir

Breathtaking viewpoint

Viewpoint at the top of the village (where I captured this surreal sunrise) shows the breathtaking Visočica mountain and is absolutely worth getting up at 5 am. Once you are done taking photographs you can enjoy a morning meditation or simply absorb the awe-inspiring scenery.

Shepherdess taking her flock of sheep for grazing
View of Lukomir from the hill above the village

Unforgettable experience

Peace and quiet interrupted only by a barking dog or the sound of sheep and the incredibly cleansing energy of this place will make the sunrise over the village an unforgettable experience.

Surreal landscape of the area

You can reach the village from the direction of Sarajevo (45 km) and Konjic (30km). Drive from Sarajevo through Babin Do takes about an hour and a half. The road is mostly asphalt except some 11 km of macadam road which takes you through yet more of surreal landscape.

View of Stećci (singular: Stećak) close to the village

Mysterious medieval tombstones of Bosnia

On the way you will come across mysterious Stećci, medieval tombstones Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for.

Dirt road just before the entrance to the village of Lukomir

Come on foot

However, the best experience is to come to Lukomir by foot. Paths leading up to Lukomir on the White Trail of Via Dinarica are well marked and maintained and nearly everywhere you look there is a breathtaking view. If you are an avid hiker (or simply love challenges) you can take a 10 hour hike to Lukomir from Boračko lake passing through authentic Bosnian villages and mountainous landscape. Or if you would like to experience a part of the adventure you can hike 3,5 hr from Umoljani village. For more info on the hiking paths of Via Dinarica check here.

Google maps: Lukomir